It can be an exciting time for students when they reached that point where they need to start applying for work experience. People are usually looking forward to this because they finally get to put all of the information that they have learned into practice. The only trouble is, that this excitement is often short lived when people realise how stressful the application process can be.

Sadly, this can be because those who are looking for work experiences are often treated like a nuisance by many different companies out there. This is because they will have extremely jam-packed schedules and so when someone makes a call or when someone pops into their workplace, they likely won’t have the time to chat with them or to look at their resume. The good news is that people are able to only come into contact with companies who actually want to hear from them which is why this post will explore how to find places who are actually open to applications when applying for engineering internships in your area.


You are able to find places who actually opened to applications when applying for engineering internships in your area by looking at job websites

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What of the mistakes that people can often make when they are trying to find work experience is that they will often write off job websites as they don’t realise that unpaid work can be displayed there too. What people need to realise is that when a company is looking to take on someone to complete work experience, they are usually taking this very seriously and even though they aren’t paying the person they will expect a lot from them. As this is the case, they will advertise the same way that they would for any other regular position in their company.

And so, people should explore job websites such as Seek or Career One as it is very likely that companies who are actually open to applications for engineering internships will advertise in these places. Furthermore, it is important that people take the whole process seriously and that they submit a professional resume and that they dress accordingly when they are attending an interview. Essentially, people need to treat this like it is going to be a paid role down the track.


People are able to find places who actually opened to applications when applying for engineering internships in their area by simply asking the company at hand

What are the best things that people can do when they are looking for engineering internships in their area is to take an extremely proactive approach. For example, instead of bombarding a company by rocking up unannounced people are able to call or email first actually ask if they are accepting applications or not. This way, nobody’s time is wasted and people are ensuring that they are only communicating with people who are actually looking for their help.

While this process is usually a bit of trial and error it is going to be worth it in the long run because people are going to have an initial contact with companies who are looking for people to complete work experience which will mean that they are likely going to stand out from others who did not go to this effort. As it can clearly be seen, there are a few different ways that people can ensure that they are finding places that are actually open to applications when applying for local engineering internships.