Drink driving is a scourge of modern society and speaks to the hubris of mankind where even in an age of unrivalled education and literacy, people still make stupid decisions that endanger others. Victorians who are caught drink driving, or cause an accident as a result of it, will often need to engage the services of an experienced criminal lawyer in Melbourne in order to lessen the severity of the charges against them or potentially argue their innocence.

The best way to achieve success in a drink driving case is to never get behind the wheel while inebriated. This way, you won’t have to spend time and money hiring a criminal lawyer in Melbourne.

The following will examine some of the ways you can avoid drink driving and therefore avoid the need to hire a criminal lawyer in Melbourne.


1.   Have a designated driver with you when you go out

The most common scenario in which drink driving occurs is when someone goes out for a night of partying, consumes alcohol, and then thinks they are lucid enough to operate a motor vehicle. This is obviously a huge mistake, but one that people routinely make when they are under the influence and can’t make rational decisions.

One of the classic methods of avoiding drink driving, and the need to hire a criminal lawyer in Melbourne to defend against related charges, is to elect a designated driver from your friends when you go out. This person will volunteer (or draw a short straw) to be the person who does not consume alcohol at the party so that they can drive their drunk friends home.

Needless to say, having a designated driver is awesome, but being a designated driver isn’t. It’s hard to abstain from drinking when everyone else is, and seems to be having more fun because of it, but you really don’t need to drink to enjoy every party you attend.

The larger your friendship group, the less frequently any individual will need to be the designated driver, so it will be less of a chore. This is one of the best ways to avoid needing a criminal lawyer in Melbourne to defend against drink driving charges.


2.   Plan public transport or a cab/uber

Of course, public transport and private taxi or ridesharing services are the usual go-to for people who need to get home after a night of drinking. This is a great way to avoid needing a criminal lawyer in Melbourne to defend against drink driving charges, and it can be made easier if you do some planning ahead of time.

Do some research into train times and bus routes close to the venue you are going to or have your rideshare app handy so you can pre-calculate what the cost for a direct trip home will cost. Often when you are drunk you will happily pay a $60 cab fare just to get to your door without hassle, but these fees can often be painful when you wake up to them.


3.   Leave the car at home

Obviously, the best way to avoid drink driving and needing a criminal lawyer in Melbourne is to simply not put yourself in a position where you could break the law. When you leave the car in your driveway and take a cab or bus, you remove the temptation to drink and drive altogether so that there’s never any risk.

Hopefully you can use one or all of the above tips to help you avoid drink driving and needing to hire a criminal lawyer in Melbourne.