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With the current given world situation due to COVID19, using telehealth chiropractic is a viable and safe option to continue performing and giving medical advice of a chiropractic nature. Chiropractic telehealth can involve a wide range of physical activities through online consultations and digital communication between physicians and clients. With constantly expanding technologies, especially in the medical sector, there are high expressions of interest in the use of digital health for medical purposes, and the benefits of doing so range farther than social distancing during a pandemic. These are some benefits of using telehealth chiropractic for medical purposes.


Quick and easy access to online telehealth chiropractic services

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The emergence of increasing technologies allows patients to easily access and use online telehealth chiropractic services and platforms from the comfort of their home, and just a click away! This allows patients who are bedridden, or have great discomfort in moving around, access these services from their own home, and make their life easier. This also encourages social distancing, as you can access telehealth chiropractic services from home rather than going into public to do so.

Furthermore, the required technology to access chiropractic telehealth services/platforms most people would already have, including a computer with certain software, a webcam and internet access. As a result of this, it is much more appealing to the customer as there are no further costs associated with this form of medical advice, making it likely they will accept telehealth chiropractic methods in the future.


Can provide rehabilitation and exercise regimens for people in isolation due to COVID19

Telehealth chiropractic services can be used by chiropractors to communicate rehabilitation exercises, as well as general exercise regimens to patients, online. This is especially useful in these unique and trying times, with many having traveled recently or been exposed to COVID19 or infected people, there is a large chunk of the population in self-isolation. In saying this, the aforementioned techniques can be used to ensure people are able to keep their health in check in relation to posture and chronic pain, or rehabilitation for injuries, sports-related or otherwise.


Can provide ease of access for people in rural areas and/or those who have tight schedules

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Due to the online and digital nature of the chiropractic telehealth methods, ease of access is provided to whoever would require the offered services. This is specifically referencing those who live in rural areas who may find it difficult to access these services if needed. The online platforms of telehealth chiropractic can set up these appointments/sessions, and allow for the health of people in rural areas to be maintained. Likewise, those who lead very busy lives, who may find it hard to fit a full session into their schedule, can utilise chiropractic telehealth methods to receive the help they need that fits their busy timeline.

In addition to this, the ease and flexibility of the chiropractic telehealth schedule means that people are much less likely to cancel appointments, meaning less time wasted.


Overall, the introduction telehealth chiropractic methods in delivery medical advice and services has many benefits, which are primarily to do with the ease of access provided which is mandatory in social distancing measures, as well as the lowered costs for clients to access the services, both physically and financially, in comparison to going to the physician in person. The success of these techniques would also shape the way for future medical technology to be taken online to the online medical platform, making medical access easier for all who require it.


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