Italian furniture design is one of the most fascinating niche industries that you can learn about and will inform you on what to look for if you are ever shopping for a new sofa. Understanding what the top brands are, and what their characteristics are, is essential to making an informed choice if and when you ever decide to invest in this kind of furnishing for your home or business.

Let’s take a look at the absolute top 5 brands for Italian furniture design in 2020.



This brand of Italian furniture design is know for its confident style with a mix of maximalism that really gives a 20th century vibe. The sculpted edges and delicately trimmed glass panels on tables and lamps make this a real standout brand that gives the essence of a chic, wealthy meeting room. This brand is perfect for decorating an office space for a law firm of even psychology clinic to really give a strong impression.



SMANIA is an Italian furniture design brand that has some of the most desirable furnishings made from rare materials such as nabuk and walnut crotch. The collections this brand has are suited to most rooms in the home, with exterior patio areas included as well. The majority of products are handmade, ensuring the artisans touch is there if and when you purchase one of their pieces.

The company was started in 1967 by iron manufacturer Alberto Smania who experimented with making iron low tables before he made the move to using wood. The brand even has their own customisation service called MyMood which enables customers to alter the colours on products to get the exact shades they want. This leads to some of the most personalised interiors you can ever get and really sets SMANIA apart as an Italian furniture design brand.



This Italian furniture design company is known very much for its diversity in colours and styles, while still maintaining a consistency across its catalogue. The company has been historically known for its more outlandish offerings, but its most recent collection shows a more minimalist slant that many will welcome. The new and exciting products they have come up with are made for the savvy up and comer who enjoys subtle detailing.



This is another Italian furniture design brand with a long and proud history behind it, having over 80-years of reputation to leverage. Their plain style and clean lines have made them a favourite for those seeking sensible furnishings from a family-run company. All of their pieces are made in Italy, ensuring the authenticity that customers want when shopping for these kinds of items.



Another Italian furniture design brand that is well-known but still relatively young is Dom Edizioni, having been founded in 2006. The brand has done a lot in the time it has existed, becoming somewhat synonymous with the authentic and impeccable craftsmanship that explains why Italy enjoys the reputation it does in this industry. The brand also offers a custom-made service that enables customers to refine special metals for individualised results.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of incredible Italian furniture design companies for you to browse between before you make a final selection. As always when purchasing this kind of items, make sure you measure the space!