If you’re looking to add a bit of life to your otherwise bland backyard, the best outdoor furniture in Sydney presents the perfect opportunity to do so. A charming loveseat or dining table can really bring out the best in your yard, and provides your family and friends with an excuse to get into nature.

Not sure which piece to invest in? Here are six trending items to get you inspired.


Trending items

3-seater sofa

When it comes to entertaining, there’s nothing quite like a sofa as outdoor furniture in Sydney. It’s the perfect way to unite all your guests out in the stunning natural environment. Finish it off with some cushions and cocktails and you’re all set!

Storage box

A well-made storage box is extremely versatile, allowing you to store cushions or children’s toys when they aren’t in use to keep your space looking neat and tidy. Simply put it in an easy-to-access area where it won’t get bumped into.


Who doesn’t want a trusty ottoman at their feet? There’s nothing like being able to put up your feet after a long day at work, and ottomans are incredibly easy to move around. Of course, make sure you buy a style that matches your table and chairs.

Coffee table

A tempered glass covered coffee table is the ideal companion to your sofa – letting you pop down treats and drinks for your guests to enjoy. Place it in the middle of the sofa arrangement for an entertainment-friendly area.


Materials to look out for

Naturally when buying outdoor furniture in Sydney you want items which are made of durable, long-lasting materials that can deal with the extreme Australian weather. Here are the best materials for using in nature:



Teak is an incredibly popular wood choice because of its high rubber and oil content. It is a natural water repellent which is essentially rot proof (which is why it’s often used to make sailboats), and is very durable. If it can resist the salty seas and scorching sunshine, it will last in your backyard. Teak ages nicely and lasts for up to 75 years.


Mahogany is a gorgeous, rich red coloured wood indigenous to the Americas. The trees often grow to reach 45 metres tall, and live for up to 350 years! Mahogany is frequently used to create outdoor furniture in Sydney not only because of its beauty, but for its durability and how nicely it ages. You will often find antique mahogany dressers and bedframes that are hundreds of years old because of this.


Rosewood is a unique brown coloured wood which is often used in veneers, but can also be used to make luxury outdoor furniture in Sydney. The dark colour and natural polished look makes it a popular choice, as it doesn’t require a stain finish – just waxing. Again, this is a strong, dense wood that will last for decades.

VIRO Fibre

VIRO fibre is very flexible and strong – it’s made of synthetic polyethylene fibres, which are non-toxic, durable and recyclable. They are also UV and weather resistant, and won’t get too hot or cold in extreme weather like leather does. They are also fade and smudge proof, so you can rest assured knowing that VIRO fibre-made outdoor furniture in Sydney will go the distance.

Mango wood

Mango wood is another sturdy, long-lasting wood. It is well-known for its unique, warm colour (some pieces even include a dash of pink!) and gorgeous finishing. If you’re looking for truly special outdoor furniture in Sydney, give mango wood products a try.